Zechariah Raman

I work to bring out the best in both myself and others. Maybe through a website, maybe some other way. You choose.

About Me

A designer with a laptop, coffee and some books on the table.

My Experience

I completed a vocational course in Web Design and Development in India and started out as a freelancer. I work on the website of a travel agency as a WordPress developer. Non-programming experience include public speaking and presenting projects at science exhibitions.


My Skills

Most of my skills are self-taught. I am a hard worker and learn with the goal to excel. Once I have mastered a skill, I help my teammates to get better at it too. I believe that understanding how people think is a must in every aspect of life, because then one can work more effectively.


My Goals

I'm good at working with a team, and I am looking forward to learning how to work together effectively in a professional environment. I want to be a contributor to the growth of company, and be able to say one day, "I made a difference in their lives."